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 Weird, Crazy, ESC

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Weird, Crazy, ESC Empty
PostSubject: Weird, Crazy, ESC   Weird, Crazy, ESC EmptyWed May 11, 2011 4:26 am

Anyone of you (Europeans) into ESC?

Probably not the best songs ever, but ESC is more than "just the music", which tends to be mostly the europopporridge, same ol' same ol' anyways.

Do you have ESC parties at your home? Is everybody getting crazy and suddenly wears glitter flitter fake diamonds?

I just have watched the 1st semifinale and I am kinda disappointed. Again most of the songs are in English. Where is the fun in watching the same type of song over and over and over again? What happened to Europes great different cultures? Are they becoming extinct or is there really no fun in having the crazy hoppedudelonetwothree? I always thought that the folklore and funny showacts are the best of ESC, which makes it such a cult.

Well, if you wanna join me in my rant, feel free. Else just ignore it ... :-)

Good night.
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Weird, Crazy, ESC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Weird, Crazy, ESC   Weird, Crazy, ESC EmptyWed May 11, 2011 5:36 am

As I am not a fan of these kind of music I just ignore it completly. But the television and radio kinda make´s it hard to ignore I guess : D so in the end I´ll probarly know who did win it.
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Weird, Crazy, ESC
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