About Sovereign

Sovereign is a global multi-gaming guild driven by ambition and backed up by a great community and solid organization to realize our goals. As a guild we look at excellence in the game while providing fun-filled gaming experience and working together to realize our ideals.

Initially starting as an Aika Global guild, Sovereign has expanded its memberbase with people from all over the world, making us a 'Global' guild in a true sense. Together with this community we are ready to go wherever our ambitions take us -- will you join us on this journey?

For more information on the guild, what we offer, application process and whatever you want to know... ...head over to our Application Center and find out if Sovereign is the place for you as well!

What we offer

Sovereign in Aika Global

Sovereign was created with an intention to play Aika Global. Even though being one of the younger and smaller guilds, Sovereign soon grew to be one of the most recognized guilds in Germania nation.

However, due to various factors, the interest for the game within the guild eventually dwindled and we decided to wind up our operations in Aika Global and concentrate full-time on other upcoming games.

Sovereign in Forsaken World

Sovereign has been a force to be reckoned with since launch in Forsaken World. By obtaining a guild base and staying within the top 10 guilds of the server, we have been making a name for ourselves. Because of an 8-character limit for the guild name at launch, we are known as Imperium in Forsaken World.

Sovereign in Eligium

Eligium is a free-to-play MMO, or massively multiplayer online game, in which many players strive, either individually or in groups, to protect the expansive world of Eligium from the demons. It is another brand new game that caught our attention. We hope to become one of the top guilds in this game.

Sovereign in Guild Wars 2

A highly anticipated MMO across the globe, GW2 also has caught the eye of Sovereign. This will be one of our official games when it releases.


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