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 [Sovereign] New unofficial project: S4League

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Reivalt Geriant
Sovereign Loyalists - Past Glory
Sovereign Loyalists -  Past Glory
Reivalt Geriant

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PostSubject: [Sovereign] New unofficial project: S4League   Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:49 pm

Greetings folks,

Directly following the recent addition of our first unofficial project, World of Warcraft, we are now introducing another alternative. S4League is a both famous and infamous game that I originally played by myself back in the day. However, more people from Sovereign have giving the game a try after that. For that reason I made an in-game guild to rally our numbers there and keep track of everyone who joined the game.

Now, with the recent thought of adding some more alternatives to the SoV community until FW/GW2 are here (and for the fact that a sub-forum is really convenient to post all updates/weekend matches) S4League will have its own sub-forum starting today.

I would also like to take this opportunity and explain that we are not splitting the community. Unofficial games are there as alternatives, for members to return to if they need a break from our main titles or need something to play. Better that than a dead forum. Additionally, having unofficial games provide us with additional resources to do recruitment and find like minded people for the guild in. Through past projects like Florensia, Heroes of Three Kingdoms we found people that initially joined for the game, but became interested in Sovereign afterwards. So, it's a win-win situation.

The section is available here:

Remember that Sovereign is a game with liberty and possibilities. If you have the playerbase and see potential in a game as an official/unofficial project feel free to suggest it in the sandbox.


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[Sovereign] New unofficial project: S4League
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