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 Why Sovereign? Read to find out!

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Reivalt Geriant
Sovereign Loyalists - Past Glory
Sovereign Loyalists -  Past Glory
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Why Sovereign? Read to find out! Empty
PostSubject: Why Sovereign? Read to find out!   Why Sovereign? Read to find out! EmptyTue Apr 27, 2010 6:13 pm

Why Sovereign? Read to find out! Crest2

» About Sovereign
Reivalt: What is written below is a piece of text I keep on refining numerous times (because I'm a perfectionalist like that) that will hopefully answer all your questions about the guild and show you Sovereign may just be the place for you as well. As you can see I have this habit of writing 'novel size' posts as my friends call them, so take a seat along with a drink and take your time reading it. I have written a few notes in Italic orange text. Good luck and..enjoy Razz

Sovereign is a global multi-gaming guild driven by ambition and backed up by a great community and solid organization to realize our goals. As a guild we look at excellence in the game while providing fun-filled gaming experience and working together to realize our ideals. Our memberbase covers people from all over the world, making us 'Global' in a true sense. However, for the convenience we all speak and express ourselves in the world's #1 language -- English.

Reivalt: Global could be considered as allowing everyone to speak their own language. However, others will not understand it. Speaking in a language everyone can read and enjoy is what we consider as 'true' global.

» Expectations & Goals
Sovereign is a guild with ambitions. Our mission is to achieve great things through teamwork while at the same time providing a fun gaming experience in a relaxed environment for everyone. However, we are not a hardcore PvP guild. We aim to provide a home for everyone; whether you are a quest grinder, a dedicated PvP hunter or want to meet people and make new friends -- you are just as welcome.

Our expectations? Nothing too difficult. Next to fun, we have an organized way of doing things. When you apply, we expect you to be able to accept this. We won't force you to be serious, but at least be open to the people who are and let us do our job. Luckily 95% of our members understands this, so I am not worried. Up until now only a few members were not open to either the fun or organization part, and it broke them up. Sovereign is 50% fun and 50% organization. Decide on what part you will be, and let the other side do their job. Simple as.

We realize and agree to the importance of real life occupations like studies and work. Being inactive for a certain period of time is no problem, just drop a line in our Leave of Absence section when you are going away and when you will be back. If you vanish without a trace we cannot gaurantee your stay, especially if we are low on space.

Last, please realize and understand that every single decision is made with the Glory of Sovereign in mind.

Reivalt: Summarized version: if you are looking for a fun and dedicated community that is more than just any random in-game guild where you can have fun, Sovereign is something for you. If you only want fun in-game and nothing more, find another guild.

» What do we offer?
Below is a list of what Sovereign has to offer you:

  • Multi-Gaming: The Sovereign banner proudly spans across several games. As a Sovereign member, you automatically are in the guild for any of the games we officially play. Simply sign in to the Roster, download the game and enjoy!
  • Good Community: Our members are from all over the world, but they share that they are active, helpful, friendly, dedicated and competitive. Surely you will find like-minded people here and meet new friends!
  • Forum: Our forum is active and offers quite alot for the eye. Check our game sections for all your needs like strategies & guides, find the latest guild news and talk about a wide range of subjects.
  • Ventrilo: We have a 50+ user 24/7 voice chat server on Ventrilo. Usually you will always find someone to chat with there. Details are found in the Guild Management & Information section.
  • Competitive in PvP: Among our ranks are quite a few people who are all for the hunts & raids. With this we have a competitive group filled with ambitions for the PvP aspect in all our games.
  • Active in PvE: The basics are killing monsters, but we add more by having parties for questing/leveling, dungeons, instances, farming etc. That level cap will be closer than ever!
  • New to a game? No problem!: Every of our games has a resource section. In there you will find useful information, updates, guides, links and advice from our players to help you out on a good start.
  • Events: Sovereign frequently hosts both in-game and forum events. Participate and win Medals/Points for one of our games, which are used for obtaining rare or useful items from the Guild Warehouse not available to others.
  • Staff & Structure: What makes Sovereign different from other one-day guilds is the fact that we have a professional officer team and solid guild structure. As our slogan says: "Empires fall, but Sovereign rise"

As you can see there is alot to do. The two keywords to your stay with Sovereign are 'Be Creative'. In other words, decide what you will use, how much, and whatnot to make your stay with Sovereign the way you want it to be!

» Inside View
In-Game Screenshots

Aika Global
Why Sovereign? Read to find out! Capture0008.thWhy Sovereign? Read to find out! Capture0021e.thWhy Sovereign? Read to find out! Capture0013p.th

Forsaken World
Why Sovereign? Read to find out! 2011012g.th

Heroes of Three Kingdoms
Why Sovereign? Read to find out! 20100804115351.thWhy Sovereign? Read to find out! 20100809165844.th

Florensia Online
Why Sovereign? Read to find out! Screenshot201053016208.thWhy Sovereign? Read to find out! Screenshot2010530164824.thWhy Sovereign? Read to find out! Screenshot2010530164836.th

Sovereign Forum & Ventrilo
What keeps our community together regardless of what games everyone plays is our forum and Ventrilo server. On our forum you will meet your fellow members as well find out about news, events, officer recruitment and of course everything about our games -- it is recommended to check back frequently! On our Vent the members can meet up for general talk or forming in-game PvE/PvP parties for various purposes.

Statistics: Within 3469 days of creating the forum we have about 583 forum accounts and 39282 messages. Considering we did not have a games to play until recently, this shows the dedication and activity of our members -- something we are very proud of!

Why Sovereign? Read to find out! Forum1r.th

Why Sovereign? Read to find out! Forumnk.th

Why Sovereign? Read to find out! Gscn2.th

What our members say
Here are some quotes of what our members think about Sovereign after they joined it.

Reivalt: No guildmembers were forced, harmed, abused, seduced or similar in the process. If you do not trust my words; collect the whole set and save them all from my evil clutches. If you want the less dramatic version, visit our Accepted Application section to see how we welcomed your fellow applicants.

Quote :
For me, having a level headed leader and some sort of structure to the guild is a must. A clean, well-ordered presentation of goals, rules and membership that can be easily interpreted. And Sovereign was able to present this to me. I was impressed by Ryuu's posts on the GAika forums and after registering an account here, was also impressed by the friendly and active atmosphere this guild had to offer.

Overall, fun stuff~
Quote :
we are still at the start line as guild but we are doing well !! we got active forum and friendly people in 'virtual' guild. for the moment i think everything is just perfect...but i've seen many forums to fall after a good start and guilds to 'die' in game so i want to hope - and will do anything it takes to keep this forum alive! and as for in game guild it's not up to me only >.<

Sovereign is not gonna be just another one guild who u will pass over but it seems that it's gonna be one of the best and enjoyable guilds in game.

all the guides in topics are really helpful and they 'put u' into the world of Aika

Quote :
well, my first impression from this is guild was friendly. the minute i joined the guild there were ppl giving replies on my application form welcoming me. from what ive seen here, we have a strong base, a good leader and a friendly community. personally, i think sovereign would do good. all thats left now is to prove ourselves worthy in-game. Very Happy
Quote :
Before I joined I did not really know what to expect, it was like taking a plunge into the deep. I'm glad I did though because I'm very happy within Sovereign. We have a wise leader, a strong team behind the guild and a very warm and helpful community that can also entertain you for hours. Sovereign really gives the word 'global' that little extra it needed, people from different countries working together like one and having fun all around. Not to mention our voice server, forum and shoutbox are very amusing and useful toys to get in touch with each other. I'm sure this is only the beginning of all the great times that are yet to come once Sovereign will be able to join up in-game.

» Joining Sovereign
Convinced that Sovereign is the guild for you? Then hesitate no longer and let's get you inside your new home!

- You are only registered as an official Sovereign member after your application has been posted & approved.
- Writing an application only needs to be done once for every member. If may be denied of deemed insufficient. So, write out your passion for the guild in it!

Click the image below to go to the thread that will guide you through the application process. Having it nearby when writing your application is recommended Wink Simply follow all steps and it's a done deal!

Why Sovereign? Read to find out! Recruitmentbanner

Invite your friends!
We are always looking for new members who share our ideals. However, keep in mind the application process is the same for everyone. If your friend is interested, you can use either of the following links:

Forum: www.sovereign-legion.net
To this thread: http://tinyurl.com/sovjoin

Thanks for reading
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Why Sovereign? Read to find out!
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