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 Tips & Advice for writing a good Application

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Tips & Advice for writing a good Application Empty
PostSubject: Tips & Advice for writing a good Application   Tips & Advice for writing a good Application EmptyFri Jul 30, 2010 1:58 am

Ready to post your application? Before that though, here are some tips and reminders to maximize your chances of being accepted. Remember, you will only apply once for this guild. So, give it everything you've got!

Tip #1: Fill in all fields
The basics for being accepted is filling out all fields as listed in the Application Template in understandable English. If you are not sure on fields like your timezone and Rule 1.6, look them up in a new window and fill them in when you are done.

Frequently we see people who do not feel like filling in all fields in the application template. I guess they don't care, so we won't either. We will ONLY consider well written applications that at least provide all information at the required fields.

Tip #2: Confirm your choice & plan ahead
Ensure you have a good view of the guild when applying. Confirm for yourself that there is a match between we offer and what you are looking for. For example, if you are all for fun and cannot bear it to be serious when required it will break you up in the future. If you have no intentions of getting Vent for when it is required, same story.

Part of a good stay with a guild is knowing what we expect of you. Sovereign has a set way of doing things, and we can't just change that to please every individual. There will be things where you will need to adjust yourself too. Think you can't manage to do that? Look elsewhere.

I will say it again; Sovereign is a global multi-gaming guild driven by ambition, a great community and solid organisation. Henceforth, it is more than just any random in-game guild for fun. If that is what you look for, apply for another guild.

Tip #3: Be Creative!
First impressions are crucial. Therefore, try to be as creative with your application as possible. Use your own words. Provide some more information rather than a 'Friends.Fun' at Expectations or 'Looks fun' at Reasons for joining. There are plenty of options to customize your post (font, color, size etc.), so use them to your advantage.

If your application gives us a good impression and was fun to read, you will be approved faster and get a more personal welcoming message. You will also be kept in mind as a potential member that could make career within the guild.

Take a look at the Accepted Applications forum for some ideas.

Tip #4: Good luck!
All ready? Then let's get started on submitting your application. Good luck, and have confidence in yourself; if your post shows that you really want to join Sovereign we will never overlook that Smile
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Tips & Advice for writing a good Application
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