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 Happy Holidays and Sovereign focus

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PostSubject: Happy Holidays and Sovereign focus   Happy Holidays and Sovereign focus EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 10:42 pm

Hello there to all Sovereign members!

It’s December 26th, nearing the end of the year. This means we managed to survive the apocalypse which was supposed to happen a few days ago, and successfully reached Christmas. I want to start off by whishing every single one of you a merry Christmas and happy holidays (whatever you celebrate where you live, I wish you a happy one Wink ).

The past year has been another good one in my opinion. Even though our forums have slowly decreased in activity over the past months, we have a smaller but very active community running through Skype, Mumble and Steam.

Right now we don’t have any big ingame guilds running, and a lot of us find each other through Skype to play whatever game we feel like, instead of having some official games. I think it is safe to say that Sovereign has shifted focus. The forums don’t really fit into the kind of community we have become. We will not get rid of them though. It’s still a good way for someone who has been away for a while to get back in contact, and we might need it in the future if we reestablish a solid guild in a game.

Right now however, our focus will be on the smaller but fun community which we have in Skype/Mumble. If any of you still didn’t get into Skype or Mumble, pm me for Skype and check this topic for Mumble.

Happy Holidays!

- Infi

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Happy Holidays and Sovereign focus
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