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 GW2 Alliance suggestion

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PostSubject: GW2 Alliance suggestion   GW2 Alliance suggestion EmptyWed Jun 13, 2012 3:47 pm

Good day,

we are EU guild (futilez. com) currently occupied with forming a GW2 all-timezone alliance based on EU servers with aim to present a strong competitive WvWvW force to bring the selected by alliance members server to victory.

We are recruiting guilds from different time zones to aid each other and protect each others holdings all time of the day and for that we need a dedicated pvp guilds willing to take part in the cooperation alliance are we are planing.

For communication with allied members and to answer questions regarding the alliance, please feel free to visit and register on following forums :

We hope you give it a though and notify us of your decision.

With respect,


P.S. Sorry for the spaced links, the forum does not allow to post links for new members.
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GW2 Alliance suggestion
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