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 [Achievements] League of Legends

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PostSubject: [Achievements] League of Legends   [Achievements] League of Legends EmptyThu Apr 19, 2012 5:59 am

This is the list of Community based achievements. This list includes a name, description, amount of AP awarded, and a list of who achieved it.

League of Legends Achievements:

The max level - 10 AP
Reach level 30 in League of Legends.
Achieved by:

Flawless victory - 10 AP * (add screenshot)
Win a normal or ranked game without dying. You need at least 3 kills, or 5 assists as a support, for it to count.
Achieved by:

Ranking with a guildy - 20 AP * (add screenshot of the result screen)
Win a ranked game with at least 1 other sovereign member in your team.
Achieved by:

Increasing the rating - 30 AP * (add screenshot)
Achieving a rating of at least 1500 in ranked matches.
Achieved by:

* = screenshot or other proof is required.

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[Achievements] League of Legends
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