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 [Achievements] Eligium

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PostSubject: [Achievements] Eligium   [Achievements] Eligium EmptyWed Apr 18, 2012 10:40 pm

This is the list of Community based achievements. This list includes a name, description, amount of AP awarded, and a list of who achieved it.

Eligium Achievements:

Follow the Zerg - 10 AP
An insider joke from Aika Online. Participate in your first large-scale nation/faction raid in Eligium.
Achieved by:

I made it - 20 AP
Given to top contributors in creating the guild in a game.
Achieved by:

Base of operations - 20 AP * (add Screenshot)
Given to top contributors in keeping up and expanding the guild base in Forsaken World or Eligium.
Achieved by:

* = screenshot or other proof is required.

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[Achievements] Eligium
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