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 Achievement system explained

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PostSubject: Achievement system explained   Achievement system explained EmptyWed Apr 18, 2012 6:38 pm

The achievement system is pretty basic to understand. There are lists of achievements. When a member has completed the requirements for an achievement, he can request that achievement to be added on his list.

When an achievement is added you also acquire Achievement Points, or AP. The amount of AP depends on how hard/important we think the achievement is, and can be found in the achievement lists. Your AP will be displayed in your profile, at the left of each post.

The achievement forum is divided in 3 sub-forums who each have their own function.

Achievement lists:
The achievement lists features lists of the achievements that can be acquired. There is a separate achievement list for the community, and each game for which we have achievements. In the topic you can find a name, description, amount of AP awarded, and a list of who completed each achievement.
You can also find a list that shows each member his/her achievements:

Achievement request:
In this sub-forum you an request an achievement to be added to your own list.
If proof is required for an achievement, it is marked with a * in the achievement lists.

The suggestion subforum can be used to suggest new achievements, new features, or try to build on what exists already. At launch we don't have a lot of achievements yet, so we would appreciate it if our members can come up with some nice creative achievements.

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Achievement system explained
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