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 Rusty nails in my throat

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Rusty nails in my throat Empty
PostSubject: Rusty nails in my throat   Rusty nails in my throat EmptyWed Jan 25, 2012 2:00 am

dont worry xd its not as bad as it sounds XD
I went to my gf's house saturday, her stephbro is a friend o mine & their parents werent home so me n her stephbro were listening to metal on his new stereo (my gf hates metal just fyi) and we were singing like SHIT!
singing to death metal is not good for your throat as it turns out xD
So yesterday i started to get a sore throat & kept on singing during homework etc(cellphone = best invention ever xd) and today i couldnt say SHIT!
This morning, i could barely say "hey angel" to my gf without coughing my lungs out XD
turns out, today, we had 3 presentations that i couldnt do because of my throat Very Happy And since the french teacher is going out of the country with 7 Logistics, the english teacher is going with her (they both are class representatives of 7 Log) and the dutch teacher is going on father leave XD which means, 3 things i didnt do shit for are cancelled for me Very Happy

conclusion: a throat that hurts like having a bunch of rusty nails stuck in there = no tests Very Happy
Protip xd
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Rusty nails in my throat Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rusty nails in my throat   Rusty nails in my throat EmptyWed Jan 25, 2012 6:45 am

LMAO niceee going Raven Razz

this also means you cant scream as loud as you want now when singing metal haha xD

but get well soon
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Rusty nails in my throat
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