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 [Sovereign]New unofficial game: League of Legends

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PostSubject: [Sovereign]New unofficial game: League of Legends   [Sovereign]New unofficial game: League of Legends EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 3:18 pm

Hello there,

As some of you might know we recently had a League of Legends Sovereign game day. The game day itself was initially not a huge success, as a lot of people had real life duties on that day. After the game day there were more and more people picking up this free game, and we soon had a nice group that plays League of Legends.

The past few days I have noticed that the guild chat on the forums had conversations about LoL on a daily basis. This is obviously a sign that League of Legends is alive in a part of the Sovereign community. As a result we will be adding League of Legends to our unofficial games.

An unofficial game in Sovereign means that we will not be actively recruiting for this game. It will get a forum section to talk about the game though. If you have the playerbase and see potential in a game as an official/unofficial project feel free to suggest it in the sandbox.

The new League of Legends section can be found here:

[Sovereign]New unofficial game: League of Legends Goldlineaniv2

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[Sovereign]New unofficial game: League of Legends KCCzB Sovereign on Twitter

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[Sovereign]New unofficial game: League of Legends
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