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 Redken for men maneuver wax

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PostSubject: Redken for men maneuver wax   Redken for men maneuver wax EmptyTue Jan 25, 2011 8:47 pm

Ordered this product a while ago, got it yesterday and tested it today works freaking awesome its so light to work trough your hair but has a strong hold tough and smells just awesome :T

its ideal for the haircut i want , now i justn eed to practice how to get my hair done like i want to ><

This is the haircut i base myself on, wich actually does look hard xD its like a 'i just woke up' haircut, but meh having troubles on the sides ><

Redken for men maneuver wax AAAAAv8gEH0AAAAAAG-SwQ
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Redken for men maneuver wax
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