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 MUSE - Resistance Tour 2010

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PostSubject: MUSE - Resistance Tour 2010   MUSE - Resistance Tour 2010 EmptySat Dec 11, 2010 2:20 pm

Hi guys, just got back from Muse at the ACER Arena, for the Friday 10th Dec performance. One hell of a first concert, I'll say that.

Anyone been to any Muse concerts? Which ones, what songs do you like (doesn't have to be from the concert)

Here is a list of gigs/setlists:

I really enjoyed them, but I was sad they didn't play any of the new "rockier" songs, e.g. MK Ultra/Guiding Light/Unnatural Selection. Bliss was really good, and there was a super cool light performance at the start of Plug In Baby!
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MUSE - Resistance Tour 2010
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