Date : 12-Jan-2011

Guild Wars 2 - Sovereign trailer

Created by Infi

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Date : 19-Nov-2010

Aika Global Operations Windup

This news has been on the cards for a while. I'm sorry to have to inform you all that with effect from today, Sovereign will officially pull out from Aika Global. This decision comes under the light of the reduced activity and interest for Aika Global within Sovereign. Aika Global was supposed to be the flagship game for Sovereign, however due to various reasons Sovereign was unable to make as big an impact as we had expected. I wouldn't term it as a complete failure, but only as a good learning experience. I wish all the GAika members of Sovereign good luck and it's been an honor to have played alongside you folks in Aika. I look forward to your company in other official games of Sovereign.

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Date : 26-Sep-2010

New website launch

Sovereign's newly designed website was launched earlier today. A custom designed website is a big step forward in Sovereign's plans of becoming an established multi-gaming clan. These are the few changes one can see on the new site: Custom designed portal page, rules and login page integrated into the new portal page, a new "Sovereign News' section, among others.

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Date : 23-Sep-2010

Sovereign, now on Facebook

Good news to all Facebook fanatics in Sovereign. We now have an official Sovereign Facebook page.

Sovereign Legion

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