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 [Aika] Officer Positions now open!!

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PostSubject: [Aika] Officer Positions now open!!   Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:17 am


As mentioned in my earlier thread about Aika CBT plans, I'm opening up two officer posts :

LT - Recruitment

Main Roles and Responsibilities:

-- Main responsibility would be to advertise the guild on Official Forums and in-game
-- Keep the recruitment thread on the Official forums active.
-- Be on the lookout for prospective members and directing them to this forum.
-- Talking to interested players to make sure they will be a decent addition.
-- Maintain the guild roster on the forums


Write a paragraph (a small yet comprehensive one) about how you will go about your duties as a recruiter if you are selected. Include what qualities you will look for in a new member.

LT - Event Mgmt

Main Roles and Responsibilities:

-- Organize and manage ingame events in Aika.
-- Work with leader to decide the awards for the events.
-- Develop the "Value System" for Aika - Basically, what items to cost how many medals.
-- Keep the medals tally post updated.


Write a paragraph (a small yet comprehensive one) about how you will go about your duties as an Event Manager if you are selected. Also mention a few events that you plan to organize.

Positions to be opened later on:

Squad leaders handpicked based on their PvP skills and leadership qualities.

1 - Lieutenant - Squad Leader 1
2 - Lieutenant - Squad Leader 2
3 - Lieutenant - Squad Leader 3

Squad Leaders will be picked during Open Beta Phase.

I will close the applications when I have sufficient number of applications to make a decision.

Good luck to all the applicants. Smile



"Remember, upon the conduct of each, depends the fate of all." - Alexander The Great
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[Aika] Officer Positions now open!!
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