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 Sovereign Mumble Skin V2.0

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What do you think of Sovereign Mumble Skin V2.0?
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Needs more work
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There's a Mumble Skin?! Where?!
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PostSubject: Sovereign Mumble Skin V2.0   Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:51 pm

Poll for quick feedback. Multiple choice, vote canceling enabled.

As some of you already know, there is a Sovereign Mumble Skin available should anyone feel like using it instead of the default skin.
As I am not very creative, I encourage anyone with any comments / suggestions / recommendations about the current skin and what they would like to see in a future version. (Assume just about everything can be customized.)

Please keep in mind, this is for updates to the Sovereign Mumble Skin, not personal ones.

Disclaimer: Any and all updates to Sovereign Mumble skins will be done when I get the chance and feel like it Razz.
Anyone is free to alter the .qss file themselves and upload it for approval Smile

Version 2.0
mediafire.com ?b1eg9zk7ef7ndzg
Installation Instructions in Readme included.
Basically; Create "Skins" folder in main Mumble folder, extract the file into this "Skins" folder, go to your Skin settings in Mumble and find the SovereignV2.0.qss file (should only be one file select-able in the folder from the Mumble browser)


Planned Updates

  • Duplicate icon in settings for Shortcuts & Messages


  • Tooltip makeover
  • Hover on server/user background+colour to be changed
  • Highlighted server/user background+colour to be changed
  • Settings icons to be modified (find replacement ones)
  • Format of check boxes in Shortcuts & Messages of Settings to be altered from default (Note: may be difficult, to be tested)
  • Scrollbar background colour change (will keep some form of gradient perhaps / otherwise like buttons)
  • Changing titles of groupboxes (e.g. Settings -> Audio Input -> "Interface" and "Transmission" and "Compression")
  • Change colour of Compression text stating bandwidth use to red/orange
  • Attempt to reduce overlap of Settings on text when selected (see if alignment can be altered)

For the future...

  • Reduce the .qss file size by reducing coding lines from 3965
  • Create customization friendly .qss file (...maybe - likely involves doubling .qss code lines from ~4000 -> ~8000 )
  • Recreate the .qss file ground-up for less code and more generalized customization (lines of code -> ~<500)
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Sovereign Mumble Skin V2.0
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