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 [Sovereign] New Titles, Rank Colors & Hall of Fame

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Reivalt Geriant
Sovereign Loyalists - Past Glory
Sovereign Loyalists -  Past Glory
Reivalt Geriant

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PostSubject: [Sovereign] New Titles, Rank Colors & Hall of Fame   Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:12 pm

Hey folks,

Today I am bringing you news on a few updates we have implemented over the past few days:

+ New Titles: Vanguards
Are you an active PvP player in one of our official titles? If so, here is good news for you. As an alternative to the Sovereign - Veteran title you can now aim for one of the following new titles:

- + Sovereign - Knight of the Vanguard: Members that have done active contribution to the GvG/PvP component in one of our games.

Attendence to official GvG events (raids, sieges etc.) and leaving an impact in them all count to this. Please note that random PK does not count.

Selected by the officers. Also requires the user to have been with the guild at least two weeks and have 50 forum posts.

- + Sovereign - Captain of the Vanguard: Among the vanguard members stand a few that have done outstanding contribution to both the GvG/PvP component and have been active on the forum as well. Such elites are called Vanguard Captains. No set requirements as are selected from the Knight of Vanguard ranks by the officers in discussion with the Sovereign management. This is the highest title a member can get and should aim for.

This title also features the Private First Class promotion.

Basically we split the ranks into two paths:
* The 'Forum path' yields the + Sovereign - Veteran promotion (badge, title) and is based on join date, posts, contribution, assistance etc.
* The 'In-Game path' yields the + Vanguard titles and are based on mainly in-game PvP/GvG activity and performance along with a small forum activity part.

An officer title overrides these titles; but now non-officers have more variety and options for making career as there is a path for both the community contributors (forum) and in-game contributors (pvp, recruitment etc.)

Updated hierarchy:

Rank Colors
Sovereign Management users and In-game Officers now have a new color in their rank titles.

Members of the Sovereign Management now have a golden font at the 'Sovereign High Council' part, while In-Game Officers have a silver font at the 'Sovereign Field Ops.' part.

This is just a small something done with the tags with the idea of adding some more variety to the board. Our forum software is limited in its options; so therefore I went with this in an attempt to add some more originality.

Hall of Fame
Our achievements per game and special users are now listed in our new Hall of Fame:

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[Sovereign] New Titles, Rank Colors & Hall of Fame
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