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 Wikileaks :D

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PostSubject: Wikileaks :D   Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:59 am

Hey guys, it is I! I am curious as to know your opinions on the notorious, non-Wikipedia affiliated site, Wikileaks.

As of the 2nd of December, Wikileaks' host DNS was cut from it, effectively disabling the site. No accurate reasons where given why this happened. For those of you under a rock, Wikileaks is a non-profitable organisation based somewhere in Europe (They are currently relocating to Switzerland, apparently). Wikileaks' spokesman, Julian Assange, has been threatened with death, arrest, breaking numerous laws, etc.

Are the governments of the world correct in making decisions without first gathering public opinion as to whether this man and this organisation are dangerous? Or are they impinging on the people's right to free speech and right to be informed? Wikileaks most recent "Megaleak" involved the leaking of various private messages between the US Government and its embassies, a criminal offense (apparently).

Personally, I feel that the US and Swedish government (The latter are investigating a rape-type case against Julian) have just martyred Wikileaks and Julian Assange. They are like the modern-day Jesus, so to speak.
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Sovereign Legion - Private
Sovereign Legion - Private

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PostSubject: Re: Wikileaks :D   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:13 pm

On a more serious note... it is a good thing for me that they took down the website... the last thing we need is for enemy forces to know our plan and to use it against us.... hoisted by our own petard much? Of course on a second thought one has to confirm whether wikileaks is actually getting sensitive information. Only when it is confirmed than should the government pay attention, not that the government will tell us that they found sensitive information (like they will really tell you what sensitive information they got). In the end I guess it all comes down to how both government and the people of the world are willing to take the chance to allow potentially sensitive information go to terrorist hands, a risk apparently some governments do not want to take.
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PostSubject: Re: Wikileaks :D   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:44 pm

Well, with the US government planning to have a curb free speech via the internet, this doesn't surprise me. All this really does is make them look like they're trying to cover up their mistakes. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but all of this seems really fishy. o.O

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PostSubject: Re: Wikileaks :D   Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:46 pm

The site currently operates from our country, as the founder apparently has some friends helping him from there: http://wikileaks.nl/
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PostSubject: Re: Wikileaks :D   

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Wikileaks :D
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