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Sovereign will be playing Neverwinter in the Beholder Server. Join us now!

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 [HotK] Official Resignment

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Reivalt Geriant
Sovereign Loyalists - Past Glory
Sovereign Loyalists -  Past Glory
Reivalt Geriant

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PostSubject: [HotK] Official Resignment   Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:58 pm

Greeting all,

You probably saw it coming already, but here is the official word. Sovereign has officially resigned from Heroes of Three Kingdoms, and will cease playing it.

While waiting for Aika/FW we caught sight of another game that was going CB soon. Back then the amount of decent titles that was coming out was really poor and there was interested in the game, so we decided to give it a go. We have gained alot of people during that period and got a good selection of officers to run the game.

However, our initial officers were unable to carry out the tasks given due to real life issues. We assigned new officers, the same story happened over and over again. Johnny did a great job trying to keep everything together, but tragedy struck his direct family and he stopped playing. By then people started leaving the guild, and the story was over.

HotK was our first title to go into CB, and it was a good experience. However, the lame guild system which requires guild leaders (only they can invite) to be online 24/7, the lack of need for organization (quests were too easy/fast, lots of other stuff to do, no dungeons) and the real life stuff stricking our officers (real life > game) marked the end.

Our focus will now we on Aika/Forsaken World. We learned from our mistakes with the game and hope to be able to provide a better service in our new titles.


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Sovereign Loyalists - Past Glory
Sovereign Loyalists -  Past Glory

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PostSubject: Re: [HotK] Official Resignment   Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:16 pm

This is a good decision and I, of coarse, stand by any decision you guys make. Although we might have considered HoTK a "failure" we can only learn from this and do 100% better in the future. Hail, Sovereign!
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[HotK] Official Resignment
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